September 25, 2009

The Master Plan

Ok!! It's been awhile since we have given you a Medical update on Mom's cancer. Those that were at the Sky Diving Airfield witnessed how "wobbly" Mom's sea legs became after her Sky Landing. Prior to that & progressively since she has found her self to be more out of breath... Exhausted upon exertion, "I don't feel badly, I just need to take things slower, give myself more time!" Susie/Mom/Grandy says of her progressive shortness of breath!

The reality is that Mom's cancer is producing blood clots in her lungs. The clots are blocking her ability to take in oxygen & transmit it to the rest of her body. Tho' her overall oxygen level is good... She still feels like she needs to pace herself; give herself more time to get there! Take the short-cut she doesn't usually give herself.

So for those joining us on the Dolphin trip... We will get to Florida on Thursday 10/15 & leave on Tuesday. This will give her 2 days to arrive, balance herself before the Dolphin swim & rest before she goes home. Allowing her enough time to LOVE & ENJOY everyone around her!!
The Swim w/ the Dolphins remains Saturday 10/17 @ Marineland Aquarium in St. Augustine, Florida.

Whether Mom is with us in body or Spirit, we will continue with our commitment to Adventure #4; "witness Gods' spirit & beauty" in the Grand Canyon & Sedona. Activities: helicopter thru the Canyon, hike the Canyon, ATV the Sedona desert, Spiritualist experience in Sedona.
Everyone, we need your concerted & fervent prayers for Mom! So please, keep them coming! We need your energy!! She really wants to get thru her List... Your support & emails are like daily HUGS... (Mom doesn't do email, but we have an email printer for her... So email me & I'll forward your encouraging words to her)!

Thank you for being you for Mom/Susie/Grandy!!!

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  1. Louise,
    As I said before, your mom (hi Mom!!) is my newest bestest hero!!!

    I so admire her determination and spirit and I am overwhelmed by how beautifully you all have pulled together. This act of "Family" has become so very rare in this day & age and it has been a joy for me to watch and something (Mom) will always be proud of as I am in a different way proud of all of you. Please give her hugs & kisses until I can do it myself when you arrive back here.

    PS. Please do not try to have chicken fights in the water with the dolphins, they scare easily and their lack of fingers put them at a disadvantage!!!!

    Karen Hopkins