August 14, 2009

Upcoming.... SKYDIVING

OK!!! Everyone! We have barely recovered from the FIRST Bucket List Activity & now we are onto the NEXT!

That's right! you heard us talk of it... OMG... now we are REALLY doing it! YIKES!! SKY DIVING! (thank you Tom & Kyle Weadock for orchestrating this event!!)

On SEPTEMBER 19th, Suzie's' (Sewall Boardman Weeks Weadock Mann) fast growing Bucket List of followers are going to Cape Canaveral, (south of Daytona) North/East Florida to watch her "take the plunge!" into 15,000 feet of pure AIR! On August 1st, Susie & 30 others flew from the ground UP 2,000 ft into the sky by kite for a "free fly" for 20 minutes. THIS time she/we will be starting at the TOP for a "Free Fall" down x 10 minutes! (way too long as far as I'm concerned")!!

Mom said, "if George Bush,Sr can do it... so can I!!" JL Polovoy said that she would follow MOM right out the chute down 15,000 feet laughing all the way to her soft landing below ONLY if her pilot was totally BUFF and under 90 years old!! Is that YOU Norman?? Thank you all for travelling to Florida to support Mom as she is going thru all this! It makes it MUCH easier for #1 Son, John Weadock, to be a part of things if they are hosted in his Florida backyard!

TRAVEL: nearby airports are Daytona Beach (30 mins away); Orlando or Jacksonville (90mins away)... come anytime you want... my condo is OPEN!

ACCOMMODATIONS: My address @ Hammock Dunes: La Grande Provence, 11 Ave de la Mer, Apt 501, Hammock Dunes, Fla 32137 My condo can house 6+ myself, Shannon, Paul & Mom. Please give me a RSVP head count so I can figure out beds. So far, non-Weadock out of towners needing beds; I have Deirdre's Jeff, Maguire/Sachse, Jesse Miles +1? Thank you Lisabet for your generous offer of 2 guest rooms in your GORGEOUS home overseeing the 18th hole & ocean!

The ADVENTURE: September 19, 2009 @ 8a-1p You must be 18 yrs old to jump!

Skydive Space Center [] 476 Williams Drive, Titusville, FL 32796 (Cape Canaveral)
Director: Chris Novak: 800.823.0016 COST: $165/person (remember Weadocks... price is not allowed to be a reason to say "NO"!)
Qualifiers: Personal weight limit is 220 lbs. (thank God I am WAAAY under that)... KIRK, you are in good muscular condition, they allow jumpers up to 250lbs. Howard says he'll finance the $2.00 per pound overage charge from 220-250lbs. I say $2/lb overage fee for those weighing > 220!!! Who do they think they are??? JET BLUE??

REMINDER: You must bring a photo i.d. on jump day! (this way they'll know WHO the real crazies are!!)

PLEASE RSVP & let me know if & when you are planning to come... breakfast, lunches, dinners on Friday, Sat, Sun, Monday &/or for the BIG JUMP!! while you are here, would you like to play tennis, bocce, croquet, golf? or just "shoot the breeze" on the balcony! Lemme know!! (Chi-Chi, I know your coming over to watch... are you hanging around after??)