January 27, 2010



That describes exactly how our hearts felt upon completion of our Snow Bucket of Dog Sledding!

Since Mom loved the ATV's in the Sedona desert so much, we decided to have Mom's 6th Bucket be Snowmobiling!! Thank you "HS" for suggesting the Inn at Poconos Manor (www.innatpoconosmanor.com)!! It was perfect! So central, homey and offered many activities ("Side Buckets") for each of us... the one that caught Mom's eye was DOG SLEDDING!! How Lucky!! Did you know, outside of 'Poconos Manor' one can only find Dog Sledding in Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Canada & the North West. Mom grew up with Dogs & has owned Dogs all her life until she moved into a Retirement Community (where Dogs are not allowed). In a word, Mom was "delighted"!! This Bucket was going to be soooo Special!

But o whoa! The Poconos had NO SNOW!!!! what were we going to do? Snowmobiles & Dog Sleds need SNOW!! After a family "pow-wow", Weadocks decided to forge ahead, stick with Poconos Manor and adapt! We traded the Snowmobiles for ATVs through an icy forest! YIKES! Watch out! Carmen's behind the wheel!! and we took advantage of our collection of athletic tennis enthusiasts & held our first Annual Super Susie Tennis Bucket Cup... the match of Family (Deirdre & Kirk) vs Friends (David & Henry) was exciting!! Deirdre REALLY wanted the trophy so her ending the match with a well placed overhead delivered her heart's desire... the treasured Bucket Cup!! For the "losers" of the Tennis Cup, there was a Rifle Range for Skeet shooting! we had lots to do... no need for Snowmobiles... no need to go Dog Sledding! We have fun anywhere :)

But wait, God had sent us Angels ... the first was Joanne Bennet. She insisted on making Mom's Snow Bucket happen... she talked to her Dad "in heaven" & prayed for his connections on Camelback Ski Resort to 'kick in' to move the mountain to accommodate Super Susie's Dog Sledding adventure! My God!! that's exactly what happened!! Camelback (www.skicamelback.com) cleared its' slopes of the public and groomed its hillside to create a smooth trail for another angel, Special Susie, owner of Arctic Paws (www.arcticpawsdogsledtours.com), to go outside herself & bring her team of 20 Huskies & some great guys to tow our large group in the evening light!

There we stood... 45 people, some strangers to one another & others family... this nite we were all ONE in the name of "LIFE"! The evening was magically serene... clear sky with stars galore, no wind, huge moon shine casting a shadow on the pristine snow ... for a long moment we stood together & just LOVED one another! LOVED who we were, we LOVED what God could do if we asked Him & we LOVED what we stood for... our ability to let go of a disappointment ... and summon the Courage to GET OVER IT!!

Super Susie hopped on the Snow Mobile to get to the Dog Sled. Her grandson Kyle volunteered for the responsibility to guide her sleigh that nite. After a quick lesson on what "NOT to Do".... they were OFF! 35mph along steep slopes of ice & snow! Mom held on for dear life!! Compared to Sky Diving? Mom said "Dog Sledding is MUCH more thrilling!! You are much closer to the ground (& that's where all the accidents happen!!) In the Air in a Hang-Gliding Kite or dangling from a parachute Sky Diving... you are safe until you get close to the ground. In a Dog Sled, you are already on the ground! and you're going FAST! How much fun is it to watch Dogs doing what they were bred to do... carry ME!! I especially loved hearing my grandson Kyle yelling "MUSH"! I knew he wouldn't spill me over... he loves his Grandy! One after the other, 40 riders & mushers... squealed as they were whooshed away by these strong & enthusiastic Huskies!

We were astounded & so grateful... 45 people came from as far south as Virginia & far northeast as Massachusetts! They came from every facet of our family network to support Super Susie's Weadock family as they snowballed into the 6th adventure on our List of "Things To Do" before Susie "Kicks the Bucket"! One after another, friends family & co-workers came to the Inn at Poconos Manor, slapped a Rainbow Bucket Tattoo on their (- - -) & joined "Super Susie" in her quest for the next adventure!

Mom's Health Note: As many of you witnessed, Mom is feeling very very TIRED! for every hour she is "up & doing", she needs 3 hours down! The cancer is moving through her & she is going with it in total grace. This weekend held the most intimate & treasured moments of pure love and adoration for Mom & for one another... We thank God & you for our family growth through "The Buckets"!!

Through "The Buckets"... we may have lost a Mom... but we found each other... we found our Family!

"If a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer."

- Henry David Thoreau, Walden, Conclusion, 1854

"When the drumbeat has been silenced, it doesn't mean that the music has stopped. On the contrary, the drum pauses so that a new melody in the Song of Life can be begin."

- John Cullen Weadock, III, authored for his mother on January, 24, 2010

Tag Lines for this Bucket of Characters:
Mike W: we missed you so very much! behind the scenes you have kept the ball rolling on this Bucket Journey! Thank God for Joanne Bennet!!
John & Chris W: tho' Florida may be cold; you were smart to stay home this Bucket was a chilly one!!
Tom & Ann: thank you for handing the Dog Sled event & distributing the Beads of Life Bracelets (www.BeadsofLife.com)
Deirdre: showed her metal in the 'Family vs Friend' Tennis Final: Deirdre won the Tennis Bucket Tourney 16-14 in the tie breaker!!
Kyle: Master Musher! Took on the challenge of guiding Mom's Sled ... big responsibility considering the precious & fragile cargo in tow!! Yikes!! Have you ever Mushed before??
Paul: Snowboard instructor par excellence! Deirdre says she'll follow you anywhere (as long as it's not on a Black Diamond!)
Shannon: when you weren't playing w/ Molly by day, you were caring for Grandy during the nite... up n down to the 'Froom! Thank you!!
Howard: Mom labeled you the Unsung Hero! Without fanfare, you orchestrated this Bucket... finding the location, planting ideas, encouraging me along the way...
Eric: as Mom said, "He is so adorable! such an amazing smile!" we all so agree... you are officially the 5th Weadock child!!
Monique: How did you get to the Poconos? through Pittsburg from Baltimore??
Kirk Weeks: our Gentle Giant... with a wicked serve!! we adored your kids!!
Ann Weeks: our Historian... thank you for bringing the old family photos and your kids! you add so much to our family fabric!
Schoenfabers: David, you broke the ice at the Dog Sledding Reception w/ your Golf green cap! but were you giving us the finger w/ your High-5 Cap? Barbara... who's watching him??
Henry: you know this road all too well... I am honored that you joined our journey last weekend! Mom just loves her flowers (which are still blooming!)
Crecco's: Liz! thank you for shaking your "indoor man" onto our outdoor ride! Anthony... stay out here w/ us... you & Ronnie are so much FUN to play with!!
Medina's: you should be DRIVEN! It was unfair that your car was side-swiped while it was in the Lot!!
Thomas's: Madison... who were those 'old people' that you came with? next time leave them at home, they are bringing you down!!
Harrington's: BLOOD! Thank you for sharing this ride with us. Your show for 4 out of the 6 Buckets has been sooooooo appreciated!
Polovoy's: BFF!! you too joined us for 4 out of 6 of our Buckets! then you take Mom to dinner, the movies, set-up her DVD player, flowers ... Norman... we'll do the same for you... oops! I meant JL...!!
Lisa Weiss: we missed you so!! but are forever grateful to you for giving us the very personable & talented Deb Grau & her Team!

In the words of Cher, "The Beat Goes On", and with every beat of our hearts, there is Mom's love for not only her but also for each other.

Thank You Everyone... when it doubt... think of Super Susie ... & ... Carpe Diem!


  1. I just watched your time this morning on TV and I am so happy you are sky diving and doing everything you ever wanted to do and I can tell you are such a sweet woman. I was so moved by what you are doing and your positive attitude I could not sleep wiht at least asking if you have personal relationship with Jesues Christ. I am not some bible beating individual but when I heard your story I cried and want to at least let you know about Jesus. I am so proud of you and how you are dealing with everything but my heart made me go into my office and send you this message. I appologize if you already have a personal relationship with the lord but there is no way I could go to sleep after seeing you on TV and not letting you know about Jesue Christ. Who knows God has miracles for everyone and you may live till 100 and I dont even know you but I hope you do. My Grandma is 89 in Chicago with 16 kids and still doing well so I know you can too.


    Eric Coleman Chicago

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