January 1, 2010

Super Susie & Family Wishes Everyone the Happiest & Healthiest of New Years!

As we turn to the New, we remember the people & events that helped us along the way.

The "Weadock Way" in 2009 was inspired by Mom/Grandy/Super Susie's response to her diagnosis of terminal cancer... She denied chemo knowing she'd only have 6-9 months to live. "By Gosh, I'm gonna do just that... LIVE!!" Exclaims Susie.

Jan 1st is the 6month Milestone. Mom's stomach cancer leaves her feeling queezy every now/then and her acute Shortness of Breath gives her no Pain but much Concern b/c it limits her activity. She gets around her condo community in a Mobility Scooter! The Little Old Lady from Pasadena!! For uphill or longer distances, she pops in a wheelchair to save energy for her destination activity.

The Open House over Christmas was a huge success! Tho' Mom generally hates larger crowds 'cuz they drown out The Elders... She loved watching the cross-section of 3-90 year olds intermingling while bowling, eating, watching family & Bucket list videos of her + family jumping from a plane, swim w/ Dolphins, fly IN a kite, ride over Grand Canyon & Sedona in Jeeps, hot air balloons, ATVs & Helicopters. Surprised, Susie says, "It's amazing the people you meet, the lives you can touch & the Things you can do in 6months! It's actually a lot of time in which to get things done & say the things you need to say. I LOVE sharing my Bucket list Life!"

This Bucket List Commitment of time, money & energy has made us a stronger family & it has validated Susie as a Mother & a person. What a Legacy for her children & theirs!

We are a family who knows how to manage adversity. Ever Since #1 son's, John, Diving accident @ 16yo... Super Susie's operating mantra for herself & children is; "Count the Muscles you have, & Forget about the ones you don't anymore...
Who cares "why"... Just "Get Over It"! And as Christopher Reeves said, MOVE ON!!!

And that is what we are doing! January's Bucket Adventure is Snow-mobiling on the weekend of 1/23/10. God Willing we will scuba/snorkel in the Dominican in February... Please join us! Your inclusion in our family mix makes every adventure so much FUN!

My Lessons from this years floundering, economy, unending wars, struggle of small businesses & life-changing Family News are:
1. I miss my Family! I'd had grown used to being alone in NY with no family around.
2. Family Support is far more uplifting than I has imagined (having all Weeks', Weadocks, Rowes & our Friends... Meant the world to Mom & each of us) 2. Prayer is so Powerful (in our journey, we met strangers who stopped Mom in her tracks & asked if they could pray for her & us)... For the 1st time in her life, Mom feels so "in the care of" a greater Being who will one nite just "scoop me into heaven" Susie chirps!
3. Doing fun things w/ family & friends Sure Beats going to Chemo!!
4, A Positive Attitude places the Brightest halo around grayest cloud!

I have decided that my New Years Commitments will be Focused on 3 Values: HHS H - Health (Diet & Preventive Medicine) H - Humor (doing lots of activities w/ people I enjoy that bring joy & Laughter) S - Sport (fitness thru tennis, skiing, golf, kayaking,boating hiking & biking)

Happy New Year!!

Carpe Diem!!!

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