January 18, 2010

Super Susie Sno-Bucket Itinerary

OK you guys!! Thank God we chose the Inn at Poconos Manor!! and after we've done that, we can thank HS for the Site selection!! Because with all this gorgeous warm weather... we'd be "S.O.L" without Joanne Bennett, our Angel @ the Inn at Poconos Manor!!

After this past weekend of rain & 50 degree weather... we are forced to change some of the activities in Super Susie's upcoming "Snow Bucket". Unfortunately, there is INSUFFICIENT snow to carry a large group on Snowmobiles . All was looking bleak for our Snow Bucket until Joanne Bennet of the Inn @ Poconos Manor called in every favor on all that she knew to execute the activities on Super Susie's Snow Bucket List! CamelBack Mountain has SNOW!!! and they are allowing Mom/Super Susie/Grandy ride on a Snow-mobile driven by her grand-son Kyle!! Then, there's another wonderful Susie in Arctic Paws who is working with Camel Back Mountain to get everyone riding on the Dog Sleds!!!

Those that were looking for a unique outdoor adventure won't be disappointed!! Not only will you Dog Sled on Saturday Nite... look at what you can do in the rest of the weekend!! Other action adventures will be be Skeete Shooting &/ driving ATV's across the property with Super Susie!!!

AND Got Game?? sign up for the 1st Annual Super Susie Tennis Bucket It will be a Round Robin Format with a Super Susie Bucket Trophy awarded at the end!!

The weekend is filled with activities for everyone. Officially, we start at dinner @ 6:30pm on Friday evening. Dinner will be followed by S'mores.

Friday: between 10-15 other Family members & friends will arrive & stay until Sunday
6:30pm: Dinner in Restaurant followed by
7:30pm: Outdoor campfire w/S'mores over an open fire pit outdoors... a warm & cozy thing to do in Winter!!
9pm: Friday Nite at the Movies or relax the Nite away in the Lounge Area in the Inn...

Saturday: 10-15 other friends will arrive & stay until Sunday
9a-12n: Skeet Shooting/ATVs
Mid-Day Spa Treatments
2p-5p: Susie's Ole Bucket Tennis Tournament
Mid-Day Spa Treatments
7p-8:30p RECEPTION (Rm 226)
8:30-10p The MOVIES in the Inn @ Pocono Manor's Theater
10:30p: Super Susie SNOWMOBILING (Susie driven by Kyle)
& DOG SLEDDING @ CamelBack Mountain

Morning: ATV's/Skeet Shooting
Mid-Day Spa Treatments
Leave when you want to....

Remember... when booking your room, say "Super Susie Bucketlist" and get the discounts!!

Carpe Diem everyone! Can't wait to see you there!! !!

Louise Weadock, RN, MPH


  1. I just wanted to say that I read about this story in the Pocono Record, and it brought tears to my eyes for more than one reason. I hope that your stay in the Pocono Mountains is a great one! I am glad that there are people out there that were able to make your wish come true :) I hope you have a great time out there on Camelback mountain. I wish you peace, and happiness! You have no idea what kind of inspiration you have given other people! God Bless You Susie!!! Keep checking those items off of your list, and have fun doing so!

  2. I've been looking at your pictures of 'swimming with dolphins' - absolutely beautiful! I would love to do that - and so I'm going to figure out how to do that. Thanks for teaching us how to treasure life.

  3. Hi Super Sussie, my name is Yeimy and I am one of the spa managers at The Laurel Spa. I was very happy to hear that you all enjoyed your visit to the spa. I'm so sorry we didn't get to meet but I wanted you to know that you are such an inspiration. We get so caught up in our everyday life that we forget how to breath deeply and enjoy it. We take life for granted and we are so wrong for doing so. God Bless you and your family. Happy journeys.

  4. People of the Poconos community! you should be so proud of "who you are"... you opened your arms to a family you didn't know to make us feel like "one of you"!! The Dog Sledding nite you created for us at Camelback Ski Resort was a demonstration of God's Glory! Thank you for being who you are for all of us!!
    Louise Weadock (Super Susie's Daughter)